Starch used as initial substance in many nutritious industries for any usage is used special starch

  • In production of decstroz, decostring, liquid glucose, kind of syrup initial substance is starch.
  • In production of (Fool themselves)initial and essential substances starch.
  • Starch increases colody system and viscosity of it
  • In bakery powder and improvement of baking its used.
  • In mayonnaise for protecting, oil of amolsyoun and grape vinegar its used
  • In biscuit and crakers for improvement of tissue and control of PH its used.
  • In cooking before molding for prevention of sticking paste to mold, its used.
  • In production of all types of soups as viscosity
  • In conserve, producer meat products in freeze foods, in biscuit and cakes cocoa, ice-cream
  • Fool themselves chewing gums, pastilles, coffee Candace milk, mustard, its used
  • In addition to in all drugs formula, its used

Also all kind of starch in production of:

Animal foods, weaving, oil well, digging, productions of sticking paper , makeup powders.

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