wheat gluten is important in the nutritious industry, it used in cooking of bread cookies, enrich of spagetty flour, baby foods, large breads and meat products like sosiss, kalbas as production.

  • In preparing of amino acid chewing gums as active unit and cleaning materials.
  • In production of stick and production of carton, drugs, bands and cleanings , its used
  • In liquors production (colas) tonics, as raw material, its used.

Active gluten replaced with protein and in many products and kazinat similar products is used. Gluten is used in pizza paste for suitable volume. Suggestion for amount of gluten in wheat and wheat flour related to quality of flour and types of products its between 3-5% (percent) weight of flour.

Specialty of wheat gluten : indeed, operation of gluten in wheat causes to volume of bread and it has important role in quality of flour.

Active gluten of wheat can absorb two times as much its weight and it remains in final products, it caused to increase efficiency. Its moisture causes to delay stale.

Gluten trapes gases causes to increase volume of bread . gluten in watery foods has joined role also is used as relish.

Gluten cauges to elastic of paste and mixes easily

When it becomes dry retain to beginning characteristic .

Gluten is used in related activities without warning in compote or freeze products

Gluten causes to improve taste of bread

Gluten causes to increase protein of flour

Gluten causes to improve color of bread

Gluten causes to softness of bread

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