Starch is a polysaccharide is saved in root, bud, seed of plants , when units of sugar or monosaccharide in carbohydrate are are more than 10 unit, its called polysaccharide.

When carbohydrate has one unit of sugar like starch its called cellulose homopoli saccharide and it has more than one unit like hemicellulose its called metropolis saccharide starch is a homopoly saccharide in andosperm has seeds .

Starch may hydrolyze to glucose and produce energy for body of man.

Glucose is necessary for brain and nerve system when we used it products 4 gallery per in one grams.

Seed of starch or granule are long chine of glucose polymers that are not solveing in water.

Against of small molecule of salt and sugar, long polymers are not solvers.

Granols of starch change to sospansiom in water when uncooked granolas of starch absorbs water become larger, swelling of granolas during baking of starch is improvement and couse to become starch, it used as viscosity.

Specialties of food product dentify by starch source temperature, viscose of starch. In formulation and usage of mixtures like sugar and acid with starch . the importance of starch and usage of it in nutritious industry. Al kind of starch and diet products, produce with short chain and medium chain that produce during breaking of starch used in salads, dissert. For example wheat and potato starch and maltodecstrine taipoka used as oil.

This products have a nice toste in our mouth, in comparison with oil, they have low calorie.

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