Amount of gluten determines quality of wheat red wheat that rise in spring and fall. Have most gluten because of that baking of bread is important than it.

Paste that has gluten is the best one because it has elastic form and has a lot of quality for baking bread related to quality and quantity of gluten in paste of bread.

Quality og gluten is important to increase volume of bread wheat had a lot of gluten and in baking have a high quality, quality of it cannot replace with quantity because wheat have with qualified gluten have a unfixed flour, some of glutens in wheat related to wheater but with modified seed we can increase its quality

The wheater causes to effect white materials in wheat a large amount of gluten is got in warm parts of country, weather effect about 70% of gluten and type effects about 30% of it.

In baking quality of gluten is as important as its quality . quality of it related to its resistance against press out of gases of fermentation and resistance agains high volum and softness of paste . in other words paste might not becomes soft early so , air in paste dosent break early and it gets more volume. In ferment of pastemust ferment mostly, there are a lot of cases and so bread has large volume.

Gluten has two parts:

Glutenin ( liquid in powerless) and gliadin ( liquid in powerful alcohol ) glutenin causes paste to e stickly and gliadin causes paste to be elastic. For separating gluten in the starch we use gluten glotamic machine for separating glotenin and glialink use. Gloton santifuse in high level qualified paste has equal amount of two parts.

How is optained gluten of wheat ? protein of wheat has elastic and flexible characteristic and it is produced from wheat flour paste. After washing paste by water, starch of it exites and collection of complexed protein (glutien gliadien mezonin) is optained.

This protein is seprated by machine and is washed and is obtained paste. After during we obtained light color or light brown yello powder. That has natural tested.

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