Gluten can absorb water about 2-1.5 times as much as its weaght. For absorbing of water in the beginning levels, its need time because:

1- Paste needs time about 1 min to moist gluten molecules we know parts of gluten are surrownded by parts of flour. First, water in the paste moists all part of flour slowly. And parts are moisture, then gluten moists . in this stage water is in the surface of gliadin and glotenin can join them.

2- So mulocols of gluten in larged and some part of water go to amino acid (espiral pptid ) and are saved there because of dryness we need more exiting water in paste because of whatever we said before we conclude that abilityof exiting water from gluten is attractive stage properties of gluten in wheat is different and related to genetic. Quality and quantity of gluten related to weather chemical fertilizer, here is relationship between raw protein and amount of gluten.

During of wall reports:

Ther is relationship between gluten and its quality. Glotonin is determiner in paste because unliquid with volume of produc, proteins factor in the water have relationship by use of revival materials presistance of pastein front of elastic of gluten decreases, but by use of oxides, bluten has power and its elastic for decreases.

Gluten in the wheat flour couses to softness of paste and can oxide to disolfid so we conclude that by adding acid as corbic we can effect to gluten in the flour

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