Baking industry it causes to delay stale of bread and its source of fermentation increase calory
In biscuit, cake, cooking is as sweet maker and bright volume and couse to have light brow color on products.
Chocolate and candy : usage of this sugar causes to prevent cristalision. So our products is clear and have allergy time. Keeping and a good taste and organoliptic .
Break fayt grains and extroads: as coating products covered them so couse to be non-zym protect figure brighting surface, prevent to brown reactions inter moisture to the products.
Liquors products:Used as sweet effection / gave nicetaste/ cause to viscozite and briks
Juice : used as sweet maker and improving of briks
Production of compots: used as sweet makers and increased shelf lifer prevent of cris talisian and undesirable stweetness
Ice-cream : used as sweetness maker and gave anice taste to product.
Jam and jelly: used as sweet maker to the products and products long lasting briks and viscosity and decrease aw and moisture activities.
Fresh fruits : used as cover and preventor of becominy brown and gave a brightes surface to them, that coused to be attractive.
Meat: used as source of vitamine E and anticosidum in the last stage of meat produt added to meat cause to prevent of rensidity and change in color .
Tomato products: used as sweet makere and concentrator characteristic of liquid glucose:
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